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Jean Williams
Orange, CT
April 1, 2019

Dan Fitzgerald with HHN was able to prep the area in order to screw the blinds in level. Also, measure and cut when needed with precision and attention to detail. Dan went to the local home improvement depot and found the window kit with the maintenance free blinds build in and installed them, Jean was very pleased.

Ray Guard
Shelton, CT
April 11, 2018

Home Help Network was able to provide an experienced driver who knows NYC Airports, as well as all other airports. He parked his personal car at the Guard residence in Shelton and drove Mr. Guards family in Mr. Guards vehicle and returned the vehicle back to the Guard residence afterword.

Jessica Mackin
West Haven, CT
April 5, 2018

Home Help Network was able to provide an environmentally friendly landscaper who was able to clean the yard in a matter of hours with a few strong and talented laborers using minimal fuel and keeping noise level down as well!

Tibor I.
Westport, CT
August 3, 2017

Home Help Network was able to provide a skilled handyman who was able to continue the work from where it was left of while maintaining a consistent appearance in finished product all throughout the project.

Debbie Berescik
Shelton, CT
June 10, 2017

I worked my way through Debbie's list of requests while sticking to my code of only replacing what is needed and restoring the existing material! Part of the work was preformed with two specialists I work with regularly to assist in the sink and back door keeping the highest level of integrity while on-site. We restored Debbie's classic style Cape while keeping it within reason and affordability.

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