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Job completed for Debbie Berescik

Completion date: June 10, 2017

Location: Shelton, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

Debbie called me after getting my card from a neighboring homeowner who was pleased with our quality of work and recommended that she try us for home improvements. She is the proud owner of a very well kept Cape in Shelton, CT. Debbie wanted a new back door and for us to look at the storm door. We decided on a new storm door with a new doorframe for the whole back entry. Some old trim and baseboard restoration was requested to minimize time and cost. Three plaster ceilings painted on bottom floor and three cracks repaired in the living room and all across the dining room. We removed bathroom sink cabinet followed by a pedestal sink installation allowing more floor space as well as adding to Debbie's classic style. Two closet doors needed to be repaired; one located upstairs in a bedroom was off track and needed some attention, mainly the downstairs hallway closet was sticking and not closing properly. A new closet rod in the opposite upstairs closet to replace the existing sagging closet rod. This rod needed to accommodate almost 4 feet of clothes hanging for storage at all times. A drafty built-in dormer closet needs insulation and then to be rebuilt with a new design to eliminate her sagging shelf. Install mop and broom holder in basement stairway. On the exterior of the home near the back door we replaced cement was needed to patch the old crumbling base and fresh paint in the small area on lower back corner of foundation.

Solutions provided:

I worked my way through Debbie's list of requests while sticking to my code of only replacing what is needed and restoring the existing material! Part of the work was preformed with two specialists I work with regularly to assist in the sink and back door keeping the highest level of integrity while on-site. We restored Debbie's classic style Cape while keeping it within reason and affordability.

Photos & Videos:

baseboard before

baseboard after

custom selected exit door

finished exit door

custom closet w/insulation

Jo Maxx w/Bleach and water

moss on pation and fireplace

spotless pation and fireplace

old door removed

customized frame for new dooor

new door installed

full containment, ceiling repairs

finished bathroom upgrade

pedestil sink installation

garage door restoration

restoration in progress

finished garage door

frame restored

heavy duty self sustaining shelf

shelf support in studs

all painted

completed custom closet

window restoration

plaster wall repairs